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Special Gift Bags

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Success with my first bags, I addicted to made another. The target are my nieces. So I made 4 simple tote bags with my own design. Searching for the right fabric motif, combine with felt applique of my nieces's name. Finished all by 2 days. I really happy see my nieces smile and said, "Thank you bunda..."

say cheese! Thank you bunda

My first niece, Alyza not get a tote bags above. Coz her age is 21 years old. So on her birthday at 16 January, I gift a set of my handmade. A bag, pencil case and mobile case with the same fabric and design. I get the bag tutorial from April Bag. And I've been practice with yo-yo flowers and use zipper :)

Malva birthday is coming. Last day when I met her, she ever said that she really want a backpack for school. Malva is 8 years old, so I decided to make a cute backpack as a gift for her birthday. Searching for the tutorial on the net. A lot of tutorial to make a drawstring bag that almost same with backpack bag. Finally I get from U-Handmade for the step by step how to do. I made with my own scale and design. Combine 2 purple fabric. And I quilt sew all of part (so hard when process, but satisfy when see the result). Add a cute pin with the same color when finish.

The gift not include a pencil case. That for my daugher, she love purple too :)

Ok, that's all my special gifts for my lovely nieces :)

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