Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

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Don't Worry, With Zipper will Happy

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Sejak memulai jahit menjahit ini, satu hal yg selalu saya hindari, zipper atau ristleting (baca: resleting :D). Entah fikiran dari mana, klo pasang zipper itu sulit. Jadi beberapa tas yg sebelumnya dibuat ga ada yg pake si zipper ini (cari aman neng? hehe..).

Searching tutorial pasang zipper, trus di perhatiin dgn teliti gambarnya, dibaca bolak-balik instruksinya. Tetep aja keder. Apalagi mesti ganti si sepatu mesin jahit pake namanya 'sepatu sebelah'. Sampai suatu ketika (cieh!), keberanian itu muncul. Nyoba dulu buat dompet coin atau tempat pensil. Deg-deg-an juga. Soalnya saya yg sudah biasa menikmati praktisnya mesin komputer, harus berhadapan dgn mesin jahit, yg klo salah ga bisa di ctrl+z atau copy-paste dgn satu-dua tombol. Tapi kudu dibongkar ulang, ugh! males bgt :D

So, satu zipper berhasil dgn sukses dijahit untuk sebuah tempat pensil. Tapi.... kok jadi miring ya? Si pencil case jadi agak menceng alias ga datar gitu. Ah, salah apanya? Nyoba lagi dgn model tutorial yg lain juga metode menjahit yg berbeda. Hasilnya, lumayaaaaan.. :P

some results pensil case with zipper

Hm, ternyata saya bisa menaklukkan si zipper ini (halah!), dan keranjingan deh bikin beberapa pencil case juga dompet coin dgn berbagai model. Skalian nyoba efek quilt juga. Ga Khawatir lagi dgn si zipper, sudah jinak hehe..
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Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

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Accept Order? Why Not!

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One day, Dinda, one of my niece told me that two of her friends love the bag that she wears at school. And they want to had a bag like that too. Wow! of course I was surprised and also happy. Dinda's bag was made by me that I gave as a gift for her a few days ago.

On another day, Erina (my daughter) said that her friend wanted a bag that she saw from my facebook album. Tote bags are the same as Dinda have.

Will I received 3 orders that bags? Hm.. Why not? I consider as a new challenge :D

Then I prepare a fabric shades of blue flowers that I had previously. I mix with a plain pink fabric.

And also I started calculating how much expenditure to make that tote bags, to determine the selling price. I give them cheap price, as the beginning step :)

Here is the result
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Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

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Special Gift Bags

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Success with my first bags, I addicted to made another. The target are my nieces. So I made 4 simple tote bags with my own design. Searching for the right fabric motif, combine with felt applique of my nieces's name. Finished all by 2 days. I really happy see my nieces smile and said, "Thank you bunda..."

say cheese! Thank you bunda

My first niece, Alyza not get a tote bags above. Coz her age is 21 years old. So on her birthday at 16 January, I gift a set of my handmade. A bag, pencil case and mobile case with the same fabric and design. I get the bag tutorial from April Bag. And I've been practice with yo-yo flowers and use zipper :)

Malva birthday is coming. Last day when I met her, she ever said that she really want a backpack for school. Malva is 8 years old, so I decided to make a cute backpack as a gift for her birthday. Searching for the tutorial on the net. A lot of tutorial to make a drawstring bag that almost same with backpack bag. Finally I get from U-Handmade for the step by step how to do. I made with my own scale and design. Combine 2 purple fabric. And I quilt sew all of part (so hard when process, but satisfy when see the result). Add a cute pin with the same color when finish.

The gift not include a pencil case. That for my daugher, she love purple too :)

Ok, that's all my special gifts for my lovely nieces :)
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Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

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I Made Bags!

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Finally I can make bags. Wohooo! I really exciting to make a tote bag for my daughter name Della, and drawstring bag for my daughter name Erina.

I got the tutorial of tote bag from here, and tutorial drawstring bag from here. And than I combine with felt applique on the front pocket. A lot of things to do, but I was so happy and curious with the result.

My daughters like it so much :)
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Hi all, this is my new blog about my new hobby. Sewing.

Yup, I like sewing (specially bags and purse) since I bought my sewing machine 4 months ago. I decided to buy that machine coz I really fall in love with bags handmade that I saw on the internet when I was browsing.

my sewing machine

Can I make pretty bags like that? Yes, I want to try :)

Till now, I was made 17 bags, 6 pencil case and 2 cell phone case. Most of all for my kids and my nieces. And some of thats sold for my kid friends. I surprised when my kids said that they friends like the bags, and made order to me. hihi..

Ok, I will posts all my bags here. One by one. Thank you for reading.
Btw, I'm Indonesian and I still learn to write this blog in english :D.
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