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Accept Order? Why Not!

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One day, Dinda, one of my niece told me that two of her friends love the bag that she wears at school. And they want to had a bag like that too. Wow! of course I was surprised and also happy. Dinda's bag was made by me that I gave as a gift for her a few days ago.

On another day, Erina (my daughter) said that her friend wanted a bag that she saw from my facebook album. Tote bags are the same as Dinda have.

Will I received 3 orders that bags? Hm.. Why not? I consider as a new challenge :D

Then I prepare a fabric shades of blue flowers that I had previously. I mix with a plain pink fabric.

And also I started calculating how much expenditure to make that tote bags, to determine the selling price. I give them cheap price, as the beginning step :)

Here is the result

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