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Felt Pencil Case with Text Print Fabric

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My niece requested for 6 units pencil case which will she give as a gift to students who get high score in her classroom. She was working practice of mathematics teaching in one middle school. And she wanted for just simple pencil case, with the material using a felt and covered plastic.

Take a long time that I looking for the ideas, what application will be made on the pencil case later. Until the end I thought about to make the text 'I love math'. My niece agree with that. Text 'love' is symbolized with a heart to make it more simple. But for another text, will be take more time to do if made with felt :D

After searching the internet, I get an interesting idea. Create a text print out on the fabric. Immediately, I try it and combine it with felt applications. The results is unique, and I think this is something new :)

Just for the info, I do not use Freezer paper and Vinegar for finished. Only provide insulation at the edge of the fabric that is attached to the cardboard. To hold the fabric to prevent shifting.

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griya hobi fitriaa mengatakan...

keren banget idenya mba. saya blm pernah menjahit plastik. kl boleh tau print fabric itu bagaimana cara membuatnya ya mba?
salam kenal ya mba ;D

YNa mengatakan...

makasih mba fitria :)
print fabric ala saya, buat teks ato gambarnya pake photoshop lalu di print pada kain. kain ini di isolasi tempel ke karton tipis ukuran kertas A4. moga bermanfaat ya :D

riana mengatakan...

wow..produk jahit-menjahitnya kayaknya makin beragam nih, hebatttt, lanjutkan mbak...*ga sabar nunggu produk2 baru selanjutnya* :p

Anonim mengatakan...

plastik yg dipakai apa ya ??

shafira mengatakan...

misi mbak numpang lewat,mau tanya nih cara ngejahit plastik tu gimana ya????

YNa mengatakan...

hai.. yg sya pakai plastik yg biasa tuk taplak meja. ada bbrp ketebalan, sya pilih yg sedang. plastik ini ga mudah kusut, cukup elastis.

sya jahitnya ga di plastik langsung, tp di bahan flanelnya. jd ga licin. ada tips yg pernah sya baca, klo mau jahit plastik langsung, bs pake selotip kertas di dudukan jahitannya. moga bermanfaat ya :)

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