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Felt Keychain for Birthday Present

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Erina, my daughter told me that a friend ordered two key chains for her friends birthday present. I was surprised, why Erina's friend asked to me, because I have never made ​​the previous keychains to show. Ow, Erina apparently told her friends that I can make some craft with felt or sewing. Haha..

Funny thing is, Erina's friend with detailed request shape and color desired. One shape is the house with pink and purple, and other shapes is a dress in blue and green. Then I added a few trinkets and initials letter at the back side.

After the results are given, Erina said that her friend liked the keychains and expressed her gratitude to me. You're welcome hun :)

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Fitria A (Griya Hobi) mengatakan...

lucu banget mba rumah pink ungunya.. ;D

Sari Sulistiyo mengatakan...

wah erina dah berbakat jadi marketing mbak..^^

btw mbak,,klo d jogja aku beli softjeans 35rb/m klo kanvas 45rb/m lebar kainnya 1,5 m

YNa mengatakan...

@mba fitria, makasih ya :)
@mba sari, anak2 suka jualan :D. dan thanks infonya mba, krn disini bahan softjeans mahal trus kanvas ga ada, hiks..

Edhini Senastri mengatakan...

kunjungan balik...:) duh key chainnya lucu2 smua,,so colorful juga,,^^ salam kenal mba Yna :)

YNa mengatakan...

mba Endhini, makasih jg atas kunjungannya :)

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