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My First Messeger Bag

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This is the first messeger bag that made by me :). I made this for my daughter. She was very pleased, buat she ask more. A pencil case with the same fabric motif. Ok dear.. :)

I quite satisfied and happy to see this work, even though when sew it I'm so worried about the wrong or the results are not good.

I make a change in the size of flap, little more small.

Very grateful to mmmcrafts who have given messeger bag tutorial.

Never stop to learn and try :)

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vitalia mengatakan...

halo Yna, salam kenal.. messengger bag-nya bagus, aku juga pengen bikin niih.. hehe..

YNa mengatakan...

alo Vita, thanks udah mampir :)
hayuk bikin hehe..

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